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At Baking History, we believe that
“When it comes to education, the most important thing is appetite”
                                    - Winston Churchill.

Our classes mix learning about historic events with the fun of baking and tasting. Our first goal is to empower children, enabling them to see themselves as part of a bigger story in which they are welcome to find their own role. Our baking activities are not simply a tasty add-on; they support the empowerment process, as students experience the satisfying sense of competence that comes from preparing your own food. With that purpose in mind, most of the recipes provide space for individual preference, with bakers expressing themselves through decisions regarding seasoning, coloring, decorating, or shaping.

Our second goal is for students to acquire knowledge. Baking History lessons introduce students to places, times, events, and people. This encounter lets them absorb new material through kinesthetic learning. The lesson provides them with basic knowledge of a subject and creates a “mental file” into which future learning – in school, TV shows or books – can easily find its way.

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